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Patient Portal


Exciting News!! 

The Pediatric Group now has the NEW Healow Patient Portal with more features to keep parents and providers connected! 

To get "Web Enabled" for the new Healow Patient Portal, simply call your home office,
or email [email protected]  with the following information:

  • Parent/Guardian's Name
  • Parent/Guardian's Email
  • Parent/Guardian's Phone Number 
  • Child's Name 
  • Child's Date Of Birth

If you had a Follow My Health Patient Portal (our previous patient portal) YOU WILL still have access to it, as well. 

According to HIPAA law, a patient's name and date of birth are considered PHI or Protected Health Information.  Sending this information in an unencrypted email presents a very small risk of being intercepted.  If you feel more comfortable, you may call your child's home office with the information, to web enable your Healow Patient Portal account.