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Toilet Training Your Child

  • At what age should parents start trying to toilet train?

  • What are some signs that your child is ready to begin?

  • What basic steps should parents take to get the process started?

  • Should using the toilet be rewarded?   

    Amanda McLean, Ph.D's  YouTube Video 
    shares answers to every parents’ questions  
    as their infant becomes a toddler, and they
    know that soon it will be time to toilet train.

At the start, toilet training requires a lot of patience, and perhaps a few good books - for reading together while your child is sitting on the “potty”.

To get you started, you and your child might enjoy:

Uh Oh! Gotta Go!  By Bob McGrath (Yes! Bob Johnson from Sesame Street!) - Twenty-seven humorous vignettes are cleverly captioned illustrations designed to help parents and kids cope with the challenges of toilet training. Toddlers will laugh when they see Mark picking out a potty at the toy store. And back at home, Toby didn't quite make it to the potty this time. He'll have better luck next time.


In 1975, Alona Frankel wrote and illustrated her first book, especially for her son Michael, on how to use the potty. Thirty-two years later, Once Upon a Potty -- Boy and Once Upon a Potty -- Girl are the classic books on potty training and have sold more than four million copies worldwide. These children's books help parents everywhere deal successfully with an often vexing challenge for the whole family.

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