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What Can A Lactation Consultant Do For Me?

You might wonder exactly why The Pediatric Group now has Lactation Consultants in our offices,
and what might be the benefits of scheduling an appointment with one of them.  


To answer that question, ask yourself “How many different opinions and pieces of advice have I received so far, regarding the RIGHT way to breastfeed my  baby?  


If you your answer is more than one, then scheduling an appointment is right for you. 


There is not one RIGHT way to breastfeed. 

  • Every mom and baby are different, and based on a variety of factors specific to each pair, different ways will be discussed during a lactation appointment. 


Who comes to an appointment with a Lactation Consultant?

  • Mom, baby, Dad or mom’s partner, or even one of the grandmothers.

  • Everybody helping mom is welcome to come take part in this important visit.


What should you bring to your appointment?

  • Your baby

  • A swaddling blanket

  • A bottle of water for mom

  • A list of your questions


How long is a lactation appointment?

  • One hour


What to expect at an appointment with a Metropolitan Breastfeeding Lactation Consultant

  • The consultant will watch the baby latch, or teach you how to have them latch

  • She will help you determine how often to feed the baby, based on the baby’s weight and your milk supply.  

  • She will discuss helping you get into a routine to insure your baby gains about an ounce per day from day three forward. 

  • With a hospital grade scale, she will be able to weigh the baby before and after you nurse, so you will know exactly how much your little one is eating. 

  • She will address nipple soreness, comfortable positioning options, talk about cluster feeding and teach you burping techniques.


Are you worried about your milk supply?

  • The lactation consultant will be ready to help you if you are concerned about not producing enough milk, or if you seem to be making too much, and are worried or uncomfortable.

  • If you’ve decided to feed both breast milk and formula, you won’t find any judgement or arm twisting….it’s all about you. 


What about special equipment or products?


Can a lactation consultant help when it is time to wean the baby, too?

  • Absolutely! 


Actually, things are going pretty well, so I don’t think I need to see a Lactation Consultant

  • There are always new tricks the consultants will be able to teach you!

  • Lactation Consultants offer reassurance that both you and baby are amazingly in sync

  • Partners are also usually happy to pick up tips on how they can help mom

  • Even when things are going well, you will have a few questions


Does insurance cover Lactation Appointments?

  • Every insurance policy is different, so it is important that you check with your policy holder, but many insurance carriers do cover lactation visits! 

  • Metropolitan Breastfeeding accepts most private insurances, including Tricare!



Dr. McCue is a doctorally prepared nurse practitioner with over 44 years of practical experience in nursing, 18 as an FNP, including hospital, home health, and primary care. She served on the clinical faculty for NP students at several local universities, including Georgetown and George Washington., and she is on the clinical faculty of Johns Hopkins. Dr. McCue offers lactation patient support including assessment, counseling, education, diagnosis, and treatment. She is the owner of Metropolitan Breastfeeding, Littlebeam Nursing Pillows, and Metropolitan Doulas in addition to being the author of three published books, and a research article in the June 2019 Clinical Lactation Journal about “parallel-pumping” (a way to help mothers maximize time when pumping).

Start Here: Breastfeeding and Infant Care with Humor and Common Sense   

In a humorous way, Kathleen McCue shows you that you already have all the tools you need to do this parenting thing, and to do it well.

Mother to Mother

You've read all the books, but you still want to know what it is REALLY like in those first few months after having a baby. Author Kathleen McCue, surveyed mothers in her practice to find their answers to 20 questions, including: 

  1. What is the most important advice you received before birth?

  2. What was the most unexpected part of becoming a new mother?

  3. What things did spouse/family/friends do that were helpful/unhelpful?

  4. What would you do differently next time? 

This book really "tells it like it is!" And sometimes it's not easy and doesn't always come naturally as you'll learn from the mothers' comments.

Father to Father Support 

What do dads think about pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and parenting? Author Kathleen McCue decided to find out. She sent out a 22-question survey to dads in her practice. Their responses make up the content of this book. This book is a great gift for any new dad who wants to know what to expect. It is also enlightening for their wives and health providers!

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