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The Pediatric Group prides itself on being relevant, helpful, supportive and encouraging to our patients and thier families.  As a Patient Centered Medical Home recognized practice, we want you to know that we are excited to be partners with you in parenting!  We hope that you enjoy the insights and information in our blog, and we thank you for letting us be part of this exciting journey with you!

Communicating With Young Children

Dr. Lauren Morea, herself a mother of two young sons, gives examples of how parents can help their children learn, and feel confident in communicating, while continually increasing their language skills.

Posted: 2/7/2018 1:45:21 PM by Jenae Grader | with 0 comments

Isn’t My Child’s Check Up FREE?

While some insurances list in their plans that their members are allowed one free well exam a year, it does not necessarily mean you are guaranteed a visit without receiving a bill.  To prevent the surprise of receiving a bill for your annual Well Child Check-up (WCC), Jackie R, Billing Specialist says there are a few things parents should know.
Posted: 1/17/2018 12:23:48 PM by Jenae Grader | with 0 comments

What to look for in a Pediatrician

What should one look for when evaluating a pediatrician?  Dr. Evie Cavros, FAAP feels that using the acronym C.A.R.S. can help parents to navigate the process easily.  C = Credentials, A = Access, R = Referrals, S = Sense
Posted: 12/20/2017 12:00:04 PM by Jenae Grader | with 0 comments

“Holiday Proof” your home for Little Visitors

With the holidays upon us, Rebekah Hinders, CPNP offers important things to remember when making your home not only fun, but child friendly and safe!
Posted: 12/7/2017 8:53:31 AM by Jenae Grader | with 0 comments

Navigating High School Course Selections

Navigating high school course selection is a very tricky business. This is especially true in the Northern Virginia area, which is known for encouraging kids to take all Advanced Classes, all the time.  Kim McCuen, CPNP and mother of two daughters shares insights and tips to make the path more clear.
Posted: 11/14/2017 10:01:00 AM by Jenae Grader | with 0 comments

Starting Solid Foods For Your Baby

The rules seem to be changing everyday on how and when to start solids for babies, so Dr. Pooja R. Prasad, mother of three young sons, sets the record straight!!

Posted: 10/26/2017 8:38:14 AM by Jenae Grader | with 0 comments

The Gift of Reading

Dr. Samantha G. Cutler, FAAP, is the mother of two young sons.  Dr. Cutler says that the list of things that a child needs is short:  love, food, shelter, play....and words!  When parents ask her "What is the best thing I can do for my baby or child?", Dr. Cutler always replies "Reading and Books!" without hesitation.
Posted: 10/3/2017 8:51:26 AM by Jenae Grader | with 0 comments