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After Hours Care

The Pediatric Group, PC offers an AFTER HOURS PEDIATRIC NURSE SERVICE, supported by our on-call physician. Simply call the office where your child is regularly seen and you will be connected with a Pediatric Triage Nurse. This service is meant for URGENT QUESTIONS that cannot wait until the morning. The on-call physician is unable to refill routine medications, call in antibiotics, or schedule appointments.

There is no charge for urgent medical concerns such as fevers over 100.4 degrees in infants, any calls from parents of newborns under 8 weeks of age, or vomiting and diarrhea, asthma, etc. in any age child. However, calls about routine issues, such as diaper rash, constipation, etc., may result in a charge. 

If you have non urgent questions (that can wait until our offices open again) you can ask them using our Patient Portal any time. Questions sent through our patient portal will answered Monday through Friday during normal office hours.