Manchester Lakes Alexandria Pediatric Office

Our Services

Our practice offers a range of services to provide the highest quality health care for your family. Our services include:

Sports Physicals

The Virginia High School Sports League (VHSL) and many other sports leagues require students, who wish to participate in competitive sports, to receive a sports physical and have a form filled out by their medical provider prior to participating in try-outs. These sports physicals can be done during your child's yearly check-up appointment. If you're child is interested in participating in a sport requiring a sports physical, please check with the sports league to find out the earliest date the check-up can be preformed to be valid and schedule your child's yearly check-up appointment accordingly. Please bring any necessary sports physical forms with any parent or student portions filled out to your child's appointment.

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Same Day Sick Appointments

TPG sees patients at all four of our offices Monday through Friday for Same Day Sick Appointments. On Saturday Mornings, patients from all four of our offices are seen at our Manchester Lakes (Alexandria) Office. We reserves a certain number of appointments each day for Same Day Sick appointment allowing us to see the majority of our patients the day he or she is sick. To schedule a same day sick appointment for your child, please call our office as soon after 8 a.m. as possible to have a greatest selection of times.

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As part of our practice's asthma care guidelines, we offer spirometry testing for asthmatic patients 6 years old and up. Spirometry is a simple, painless way for our providers to measure your child's lung function, and to tell how well his or her medications are working. It is used to help diagnose and monitor diseases that affect the lungs and make breathing difficult. It can also help to find the cause of shortness of breath, coughing, or wheezing.

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Behavior Consults

Our practice schedules two types of Behavior Consult appointments: Parent only Consults and Consults where the child is present. These consults are scheduled when parents or patient's teachers have concerns such as acting out in class, toilet training issues, poor behavior at home or school, etc.

Parent Only Behavior Consults are scheduled for certain there are certain behavioral concerns that require our providers to have a frank discussion with our patients parents about behavior that may embarrass your child to enable them to correctly assess the concerns they may have about their child. In these situations, our providers ask that you do not bring your child to the appointment. If it is determined that the provider needs to meet with the child, we will schedule a second appointment on a different day. We understand scheduling two appointments can be inconvenient for our patient's busy parents. It is our sincere goal to help you address any behavior issues your child may be having accurately while helping you to build your child's self esteem.

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Prenatal Tours for First Time Expecting Parents

Our office expectant parents a chance to tour our office and get to know our medical providers and office staff. These 15 minute visits are an excellent time to ask any questions expectant parents may have about our practice. To schedule a tour, please call our office at (703)971-6900 and speak with a receptionist.

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Phone Advice from Licensed Nurses

Our licensed and experienced pediatric triage nurses will do their best to help you over the phone when you call. Their task is to help you manage short-term illness and help decide appropriate care, which may involve continued symptomatic home care or an appointment to be seen. In addition to being a resource for health information, they work together with our medical providers to monitor, support, and adjust your child's treatment.

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